Real Estate”NO Risk”

I and you and many others are dreaming to have a property abroad, to enjoy and feel the taste of another country, atmosphere, and culture or to invest but we always face not a nice fact which makes us think and think the hesitate then cancel the idea, this not nice fact is what we knew from friends or relatives of their bad experiences of buying with no due diligence or dealing with not experienced law firm or with the not honest developer. Here EgyLaw offers you the following :

  • Due diligence of the property as per your choice with full guarantee that it is clean of any debt and that the seller is the owner and that it will be completed and delivered on agreed time.
  • Handling all legal steps to register it in your name until presenting the title deed.
  • Dealing with the governmental authorities ” Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet, Tax “.

You can get all these services online

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