Egylaw is the first 100% Digital law firm located in Egypt and managed by professional lawyers and attorneys at law, giving legal services locally and internationally.

Mr. Nasser Al-Baroudy: Founder & Managing Director


Mobile: +201559766293

Nasser is the founder & Managing Director of Egy Law Firm, he is always seeking to promote the name of EgyLaw as one of the excellence entities in providing legal service using sophisticated methods to suit different client’s needs.

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Why Digital?

Covid 19 is not the only reason … Rather, natural development is the most important reason … Life itself has become largely hypothetical … We all see this in many areas that our social life has made clear … Even human feelings have become hypothetical, for which signs, images, and fixed patterns are made that collide many Among them is what is firmly entrenched in human brains and is definitely different from one people to another and from one culture to another, and even the difference in reception and use we find within the same people and the same culture …. it is a scary new language, but we must all speak it or die. The new generation will come speaking this language without the slightest feeling of alienation. This is the truth ….. painful, but it is true.

At the level of business, the situation is no different … walking but rather running towards assuming the performance of the service from banking services to legal services and medical advice.

Money and business … life and death … the earth and its everything … it became  “remote dealing”.

The dawn of life has gone, and its sunrise is gone,  afternoon and sunset are gone as well …. So we decided to create our website with black and white design and be filled with warm pictures to keep remembering the dawn and the sunrise even as we run to do our work while sitting.

Here our company works according to the FUTURE rules

services online only

Multiple Languages

Free Consult by Mail

Pay After Result

We do litigation about all kinds of civil cases

before accepting the case we study it for free to be sure that

we are committed to obtaining justice in the favor of our client