International Business Law

Within the scope of international business law, we offer legal assistance to international investors in Egypt and to Egyptian investors abroad. Here, we clarify the legal context surrounding your investments and we support you when making business contacts abroad. Upon request, we can also conduct international contractual negotiations on your behalf and advise you in regard to the drafting of contracts.

We set up companies including a commercial register, tax card, insurance file, and membership in the trade chamber of commerce.


  • Is it possible to set up a company with 100% non-Egyptian shares?
  • Yes.
  • What are the types of companies?
  • Company of one person.
  • Shareholders company.
  • Limited Liability company.
  • Solidarity company.
  • Simple company with silent partners.
  • Equity limited company.
  • What is the period of the company formation?
  • One day.
  • Does Egylaw offer legal translation of the company documents?
  • Yes. An official governmental translation.